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In the chapter devoted to the manufacture of boards a brief description of the method of the production of each variety is given. Pulp boards, triplex (or multiplex), and pasteboards are there described, and coated boards of various sorts are included in Chapter IX.

Pulp boards are frequently looked upon as soft and flexible, and many may be so described, but for card index work a stiff snappy card, thin in substance, is required, and as pasteboards and other cards made up of layers tend to split when subjected to much use, pulp boards are essential for that class of work. The boards which most closely resemble ivory boards in appearance will be found the most suitable for system use. A smooth writing surface, free from spots and other imperfections, is required, but the cards should be easy to rule and print. It is impossible to manipulate successfully cockled or wavy boards in ruling, printing, or cutting, so time will be saved if the selection of boards for index cards is made from the kinds which can be obtained perfectly flat. The softer kinds of pulp boards are excellent for a great deal of advertising matter, folders, post-cards, and for jobs for which something stouter than the usual tinted papers is required. Where rigidity is demanded pasteboards will be found of service. Some boards are made with