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Left to his own free-will, his will though free
Yet mutable; whence warn him to beware
He swerve not, too secure. Tell him withal
His danger, and from whom; what enemy,
Late fallen himself from Heaven, is plotting now
The fall of others from like state of bliss;
By violence? no, for that shall be withstood;
But by deceit and lies. This let him know,
Lest wilfully transgressing he pretend
Surprisal, unadmonished, unforewarned."
So spake the eternal Father, and fulfilled
All justice. Nor delayed the winged Saint
After his charge received; but, from among
Thousand celestial Ardours, where he stood,
Veiled with his gorgeous wings, up-springing light
Flew through the midst of Heaven—the angelic quires,
On each hand parting, to his speed gave way
Through all the empyreal road—till, at the gate
Of Heaven arrived, the gate self-opened wide,
On golden hinges turning, as by work
Divine the sovran Architect had framed.
From hence—no cloud or, to obstruct his sight,
Star interposed however small—he sees,
Not unconform to other shining globes,