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Some one intent on mischief, or inspired
With devilish machination, might devise
Like instrument to plague the sons of men,
For sin, on war and mutual slaughter bent.
"Forthwith from council to the work they flew;
None arguing stood; innumerable hands
Were ready; in a moment up they turned
With the celestial soil, and saw beneath510
The originals of Nature in their crude
Conception; sulphurous and nitrous foam
They found, the mingled, and, with subtle art,
Concocted and adusted, they reduced
To blackest grain, and into store conveyed.
Part hidden veins digged up—nor hath this Earth
Entrails unlike—of mineral and stone,
Whereof to found their engines and their balls
Of missive ruin; part incentive reed
Provide, pernicious with one touch to fire.520
So all ere day-spring, under conscious night,
Secret they finished, and in order set,
With silent circumspection unespied.
"Now when fair Morn orient in Heaven appeared
Up-rose the victor Angels, and to arms
The matin-trumpet sung; in arms they stood
Of golden panoply, refulgent host,
Soon banded; others from the dawning hills
Looked round, and scouts each coast light-armed scour,