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Hell could no longer hold us in her bounds,
Nor this unvoyageable gulf obscure
Detain from following thy illustrious track.
Thou hast achieved our liberty, confined
Within Hell-gates till now, thou us impowered
To fortify thus far, and overlay370
With this portentous bridge the dark Abyss.
Thine now is all this World; thy virtue hath won
What thy hands builded not, thy wisdom gained
With odds what war hath lost, and fully avenged
Our foil in Heaven; here thou shalt monarch reign,
There didst not. There let him still victor sway,
As battle hath adjudged, from this new World
Retiring, by his own doom alienated,
And henceforth monarchy with thee divide
Of all things, parted by the empyreal bounds,380
His quadrature, from thy orbicular World;
Or try thee now more dangerous to his throne."
Whom thus the Prince of Darkness answered glad:
"Fair daughter, and thou, son and grandchild both,
High proof ye now have given to be the race
Of Satan—for I glory in the name,
Antagonist of Heaven's almighty King—
Amply have merited of me, of all
The infernal empire, that so near Heaven's door,