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Good by itself, and evil not at all.
His sorrows now, repents, and prays contrite,90
My motions in him; longer than they move . . .
His heart I know how variable and vain,
Self-left. Lest therefore his now bolder hand
Reach also of the Tree of Life, and eat,
And live for ever, dream at least to live
For ever, to remove him I decree,
And send him from the garden forth, to till
The ground whence he was taken, fitter soil.
"Michael, this my behest have thou in charge.
Take to thee, from among the Cherubim,100
Thy choice of flaming warriors; lest the Fiend,
Or in behalf of Man, or to invade
Vacant possession, some new trouble raise.
Haste thee, and from the Paradise of God
Without remorse drive out the sinful pair,
From hallowed ground the unholy, and denounce
To them and to their progeny from thence
Perpetual banishment. Yet, lest they faint
At the sad sentence rigorously urged—
For I behold them softened, and with tears110
Bewailing their excess—all terror hide.
If patiently thy bidding they obey,
Dismiss them not disconsolate; reveal
To Adam what shall come in future days,
As I shall thee enlighten; intermix
My covenant in the Woman's seed renewed.