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With sinfulness of men; thereby to learn360
True patience, and to temper joy with fear
And pious sorrow, equally inured
By moderation either state to bear,
Prosperous or adverse: so shalt thou lead
Safest thy life; and best prepared endure
Thy mortal passage when it comes. Ascend
This hill; let Eve—for I have drenched her eyes—
Here sleep below, while thou to foresight wakest;
As once thou sleptest, while she to life was formed."
To whom thus Adam gratefully replied:370
"Ascend, I follow thee, safe guide, the path
Thou leadest me, and to the hand of Heaven submit,
However chastening; to the evil turn
My obvious breast, arming to overcome
By suffering, and earn rest from labor won,
If so I may attain."—So both ascend
In the visiöns of God. It was a hill,
Of Paradise the highest, from whose top
The hemisphere of earth, in clearest ken,
Stretched out to the amplest reach of prospect lay.
Not higher that hill, nor wider looking round,381
Whereon for different causes the Tempter set
Our second Adam, in the wilderness,