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Call El Dorado.—But to nobler sights
Michael from Adam's eyes the film removed,
Which that false fruit, that promised clearer sight,
Had bred; then purged with euphrasy and rue
The visual nerve—for he had much to see—
And from the well of life three drops instilled.
So deep the power of these ingredients pierced.
Even to the inmost seat of mental sight,
That Adam, now enforced so close his eyes,
Sunk down, and all his spirits became entranced;420
But him the gentle Angel by the hand
Soon raised, and his attention thus recalled:
"Adam, now ope thine eyes, and first behold
The effects which thy original crime hath wrought
In some to spring from thee, who never touched
The excepted tree, nor with the Snake conspired,
Nor sinned thy sin, yet from that sin derive
Corruption, to bring forth more violent deeds."
His eyes he opened, and beheld a field,
Part arable and tilth, whereon were sheaves430
New reaped, the other part sheep-walks and folds;
In the midst an altar as the landmark stood,
Rustic, of grassy sord. Thither anon
A sweaty reaper from his tillage brought
First-fruits, the green ear and the yellow sheaf,
Unculled, as came to hand; a shepherd next,
More meek, came with the firstlings of his flock,