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Though of rebellion others be accuse.
He, with a crew, whom like ambition joins
With him, or under him to tyrannize,
Marching from Eden toward the west, shall find40
The plain, wherein a black bituminous gurge
Boils out from underground, the mouth of Hell.
Of brick and of that stuff they cast to build
A city and tower, whose top may reach to Heaven:
And get themselves a name; lest, far dispersed
In foreign lands, their memory be lost;
Regardless whether good or evil fame.
But God, who oft descends to visit men,
Unseen, and through their habitations walks,
To mark their doings, them beholding soon,50
Comes down to see their city, ere the tower,
Obstruct Heaven-towers, and in derision sets
Upon their tongues a various spirit, to rase
Quite out their native language, and, instead,
To sow a jangling noise of words unknown.
Forthwith a hideous gabble rises loud
Among the builders; each to other calls,
Not understood, all hoarse, and all in rage,
As mocked they storm. Great laughter was in Heaven
And looking down, to see the hubbub strange60
And hear the din: thus was the budding left
Ridiculous, and the work Confusion named."