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A mercy-seat of gold, between the wings
Of two bright Cherubim; before him burn
Seven lamps, as in a Zodiac representing
The heavenly fires. Over the tent a cloud
Shall rest by day, a fiery gleam by night,
Save when they journey; and at length they come,
Conducted by his Angel, to the land
Promised to Abraham and his seed. The rest260
Were long to tell; how many battles fought,
How many kings destroyed, and kingdoms won,
Or how the sun shall in mid-heaven stand still,
A day entire, and night's due course adjourn,
Man's voice commanding, 'Sun in Gibeon stand,
And thou, moon, in the vale of Aialon,
Till Israel overcome!' so call the third
From Abraham, son of Isaac, and from him
His whole descent, who thus shall Canaan win."
Here Adam interposed:—"O sent from Heaven,
Enlightener of my darkness! gracious things271
Thou hast revealed, those chiefly which concern
Just Abraham and his seed. Now first I find
Mine eyes true opening, and my heart much eased,
Erewhile perplexed with thoughts what would become
Of me and all mankind; but now I see
His day, in whom all nations shall be blest,