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Acceptance of large grace, from servile fear
To filial, works of law to works of faith.
And therefore shall not Moses, though of God
Highly beloved, being but the minister
Of law, his people into Canaan lead;
But Joshua, whom the Gentiles Jesus call,310
His name and office bearing, who shall quell
The adversary Serpent, and bring back,
Through the world's wilderness long wandered Man
Safe to eternal Paradise of rest.
Meanwhile they, in their earthly Canaan placed,
Long time shall dwell and prosper, but when sins
National interrupt their public peace,
Provoking God to raise them enemies;
From whom as oft he saves them penitent
By Judges first, then under Kings; of whom320
The second, both for piety renowned
And puissant deeds, a promise shall receive
Irrevocable, that his regal throne
For ever shall endure. The like shall sing
All Prophecy, that of the royal stock
Of David—so I name this king—shall rise
A son, the Woman's Seed, to thee foretold,
Foretold to Abraham, as in whom shall trust
All nations, and to kings foretold of kings
The last, for of his reign shall be no end.330
But first a long succession must ensue,