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Possesses lately, thither to arrive
I travel this profound. Direct my course.980
Directed no mean recompense it brings
To your behoof: if I that region lost,
All usurpation thence expelled, reduce
To her original darkness and your sway—
Which is my present journey—and once more
Erect the standard there of ancient Night,
Yours be the advantage all, mine the revenge!"
Thus Satan, and him thus the Anarch old,
With faltering speech and visage incomposed,
Answered: "I know thee, stranger, who thou art,
That mighty leading Angel, who of late991
Made head against Heaven's King, though overthrown.
I saw and heard; for such a numerous host
Fled not in silence through the frighted Deep,
With ruin upon ruin, rout on rout,
Confusion worse confounded; and Heaven-gates
Poured out by millions her victorious bands
Pursuing. I upon my frontiers here
Keep residence; if all I can will serve,
That little which is left so to defend,1000
Encroached on still through your intestine broils,
Weakening the sceptre of old Night. First Hell,
Your dungeon, stretching far and wide beneath;
Now lately heaven and earth, another world,