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Both what they judge and what they choose; for so
I formed them free, and free they must remain,
Till they enthral themselves; I else must change
Their nature, and revoke the high decree
Unchangeable, eternal, which ordained
Their freedom; they themselves ordained their fall
The first sort by their own suggestion fell,
Self-tempted, self-depraved; Man falls, deceived130
By the other first: Man therefore shall find grace,
The other none. In mercy and justice both,
Through Heaven and Earth, so shall my glory excel;
But mercy, first and last, shall brightest shine."
Thus while God spake ambrosial fragrance filled
All Heaven, and in the blessed Spirits elect
Sense of new joy ineffable diffused.
Beyond compare the Son of God was seen
Most glorious: in him all his father shone
Substantially expressed; and in his face140
Divine compassion visibly appeared,
Love without end, and without measure grace,
Which uttering thus he to his Father spake:
"O Father, gracious was that word which closed