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""""""'“—‘ ·`i` ” ' 2 ' " · l ml . Rush·like Ajzhyllanthes. l `ORDO NATURALIS. _ Junci. Jus:. Gen. p. 43.

Bnctea glumaceaa; ultima calyeis instar receptaculum corollamque amplectens, 5-ida laciniis imbricatis. Corolla receptaculo turbinato insidens, regularis, 6·partita-laciniis interioribnn parum latioribns, in cunabulis convoluta, marcescens. Filamenta 6, infra medium laciniis _ adnata stylumque stipantia, inde erecto-patentia. Anthem versatiles. Pericarpium $·locn· - hre, loculis 5-spermis. Planta dodrantalis habitu Junci. Radi: _/Ebris rigidi:. Castles venues, c gemmi: munerosis caspitosi, simplicissi1rti,`basifoli0 amico rariusve altcro moxarido cinczi, apice alia consimili sed log: minor: terminati, eylindrici, leaves. Folid xpm tcretiuscula margin: . in stzpulam intrqfoliooeam glwnaccam producto, obtusa. Flores vcl duo, xssilcs, cphemcri. A. monspeliensis. Poiret inbnqycll Bot. v. 4. p. 4-99. A. monspeliensis. Lam. Illustr. ji 252. pessima. A. monspeliensis. Linn. Sp. Pl. cd 2. p. 4-22. A. monspeliensium. J. Bard:. Hist. Pl. v. 3. p. 336. _ Caryophyllus cseruleus Monspeliensium. C. Baal:. Pin. p. 209. A mons- pelliensium. Lob. Adv. p. 190. Bragalou. Sponte nascitur in Provence, Languedoc, Algiers, collibus sterilibus. ‘ ` Floret Aprili, Maio. V This genus has no real affinity to Jzmcns, however similar lin general appearance. It comes ‘ ~ nearer Asplnodelus than any other I have yet examined, having its few leaves obtusely mucro- nated, with their margin dilated into a chaffy stipule, the receptacle articulated, and one sessile seed near the centre of each cell. The name, as we learn from Lobel, was given be- fore his time by some of the Montpellier Botanists; not that they supposed the plant totally destitute of leaves, but from their being few and soon withered. It grows plentifully near Castelnau, where I gathered it in the year 1786-, and will thrive with us under any dry wall. · Nothing can be more faulty than Poirot’s description, though it appears he had the living plant before him; he says, " Chaque ileur ofhe plusieurs Bak; univalves, six Portales, Filamens " attachés a l’oriEce de la corolle, Fruit contenant un grand nombre de semences." Then, by way of corollary to the above, he adds, " Ce genre est si voisin des Juncus qu’il n‘y a gueres · " que la corolle que les distingue." -


_ _ . REFERENCES T0 THE PLATE. ‘ " 1. A leaf spread ' 2. A Lacinia of the Corolla, ahewing itsmouopetalous base and the insertion of the Filament. i 3. The Calyx. 4. The Germen magnified. · " I 5. Transverse section of the Seed Vessel. · 6. The young Seed more magnified. · 3 `