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111. Restoration on power of Courts to grant damages or account of profits for infringement

(1) In a suit for infringement of a patent, damages or an account of profits shall not be granted against the defendant who proves that at the date of the infringement he was not aware and had no reasonable grounds for believing that the patent existed.

Explanation – A person shall not be deemed to have been aware or to have had reasonable grounds for believing that a patent exists by reason only of the application to an article of the word "patent", "patented" or any word or words expressing or implying that a patent has been obtained for the article, unless the number of the patent accompanies the word or words in question.

(2) In any suit for infringement of a patent the court may, if it thinks fit, refuse to grant any damages or an account of profits in respect of any infringement committed after a failure to pay any renewal fee within the prescribed period and before any extension of that period.

(3) Where an amendment of a specification by way of disclaimer, correction or explanation has been allowed under this Act after the publication of the specification, no damages or account of profits shall be granted in any proceeding in respect of the use of the invention before the date of the decision allowing the amendment, unless the court is satisfied that the specification as originally published was framed in good faith and with reasonable skill and knowledge.

(4) Nothing in this section shall affect the power of the court to grant an injunction in any suit for infringement of a patent.

112. Restriction of power of Court to grant injunction in certain cases

If in proceedings for the infringement of a patent endorsed or deemed to be endorsed with the words "Licences of right" (otherwise than by the importation of the patented article from other countries) the infringing defendant is ready and willing to take a licence upon terms to be settled by the Controller as provided in section 88, no injunction shall be granted against him, and the amount if any recoverable against him by way of damages shall not exceed double the amount which would have been recoverable against him as licensee if such a licence had been granted before the earliest infringement.

113. Certificate of validity of specification and costs of subsequent suits for infringement thereof

(1) If in any proceedings before a High Court for the revocation of a patent under section 64 the validity of any claim of a specification is contested and that claim is found by the Court to be valid, the Court may certify that the validity of that claim was contested in those proceedings and was upheld.

(2) Where any such certificate has been granted, then, if in any subsequent suit before a court for infringement of that claim of the patent or in any subsequent proceeding for revocation of the patent in so far as it relates to that claim, the patentee or other person relying on the validity of the claim obtains a final order or judgement in his favour, he shall be entitled to an order for the payment of his full costs, charges and expenses of and incidental to any such suit or proceeding properly incurred so far as they concern the claim in respect of which the certificate was granted, unless the court trying the suit or proceeding otherwise directs:

Provided that the costs as specified in this sub-section shall not be ordered when the party disputing the validity of the claim satisfies the court that he was not aware of the grant of the certificate when he raised the dispute and withdrew forthwith such defence when he