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Are we not solving the great Riddle, these loud-lunged children of spiritual poverty and squalor, of intellectual anarchy and chaos, cry out. Are we not advancing in the way of new discoveries, we the apostles of the New Freedom, the forerunners of the New Era? Granted that you are, my emancipated Brothers. But dare you approach your new ideals, new truths, new virtues, and divest them of their trappings and their masks? Even the most radical among you, the Bolsheviki of the soul, the Anti-Christs, when they stand on their heads, are but a crude symbol of the Cross reversed.

And the ideals of your superman, as conceived by their Teuton protagonist, not as they are poetized by his interpreters and parroters, find their highest and noblest expression in self-sacrifice. The old fashioned virtue again.

Yes, indeed; even Nietzsche who thought he had murdered Christianity, fled to the forest and brought back a few good logs for the inner fire. Even Nietzsche was