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GREAT WRITERS. A NEW SERIES OF CRITICAL BIOGRAPHIES. Edited by Eric Robertson and Fiiaxk T. M.vrzials. A Complete Bibliography to each Volume, by J. P. AndereoN, Eriiish Museum, London. Cloth, Uncut Edges, Gilt ' Top. Price 1/6. VOLUMES ALREADY ISSUED— LIFE OF LONGFELLOW. By Professor Eric S. Robertson. LIFE OF COLERIDGE. By Hall Caine. LIFE OF DICKENS. By Frank T. Marzials. LIFE OF DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTL By J. Knight. LIFE OF SAMUEL JOHNSON. By Colonel F. Grant. LIFE OF DARWIN. By G. T. Betlany. LIFE OF CHARLOTTE BRONTE. By A. Birrcll. LIFE OF THOMAS CARLVLE, By R. Garnett, LL.D. LIFE OF ADAM SMITH. By R. B. Haldane, M.P. LIFE OF KEATS. By W. M. Rossetti. LIFE OF SHELLEV. By William Sharp. LIFE OF SM0LLF:TT. By David Hannay. LIFE OF GOLDSMITH. By Austin Dobson. LIFE OF SCOTT. By Professor Yonge. LIFE OF BURNS. By Professor Black ie. LIFE OF VICTOR HUGO. By Frank T. Marzials. LIFE OF EMERSON. Cy Richard Garnett, LL.D. LIFE OF GOETHE. By James Sime. LIFE OF CONGREVE. By Edmund Gosse. LIFE OF BUN VAN. By Canon Venables. LIFE OF CRABBE. By T. E. Kebbel. LIFE OF HEINE. By William Sharp. LIFE OF MILL. By W. L. Courtney. LIFE OF SCHILLER. Sj Henry W. Nevinson. LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARRVAT. By David Hannay. LIFE OF LESSING. By T. W. Rolleston. LIFE OF MILTON. By R. Garnett, LL.D. LILE OF BALZAC. By Frederick Wed more. LIFE OF GEORGE ELTOT. By Oscar Browning. LIFE OF JANE AUSTEN. By Goldwin Sniitli, LIFE OF BROWNING. By Williim Sh.up. LIFE OF BYRON. By Hon. Roden Noel. LIFE OF HAWTHORNE. By Moncure D. Conway. LIFE OF SCHOPENHAUER. By Professor Wallace. LIFE OF SHERIDAN. By Lloyd Sanders. LIFE OF THACKERAY. By ^lorivnle and Frank T. Marzials. LIFE OF CERVANTES. By II. E. Walts. LIFE OF VOLTAIRE. By Francis Espinasse. LIFE OF LEIGH HUNT. By Cosmo Monkhouse. LIFE OF WIHTTIER. By W. J. Linton. LIFE OF REN AN. By Francis Espinnsse. LIFE OF THOREAU. By H. S. Salt. LIBRARY EDITION OF "GREAT WRITERS," Demy 8vo, 2s. 6d. London: Walter Scott, Limited, Paternoster Square.