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Declassified per Executive Order 13526, Section 3.3
NND Project Number: NND 63316. By: NWD Date: 2011

TOP SECRET – Sensitive


20 Jan 53 – 20 Jan 61 President: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Secretary of State: John Foster Dulles
Secretary of Defense: Charles E. Wilson
Ambassador to Vietnam: Donald R. Heath (25 Jun 52–20 Apr 55);
Gen. J. Lawton Collins, Special Mission (8 Nov 54–6 May 55);
G. Frederick Reinhart (20 Apr 55–14 Mar 57)
Chairman, JCS: Arthur W. Radford, Adm., USN (14 Aug 53–15 Aug 57
Chief MAAG, Indochina:
John W. O'Daniel, Lt. Gen., USA (31 Mar 54–23 Oct. 55);
Samuel T. Williams, Lt. Gen., was 1st Chief of MAAG to Vietnam (24 Oct 55–31 Aug 60)


Jun 54 – Feb 55 Prime Minister: Pierre Mendes-France
Foreign Minister: Georges Bidault
Minister for Associated States: Guy La Chambre
Minister for National Defense: Rene Pleven
High Commissioner, Vietnam: General Paul Ely
23 Feb 55 – 31 Jan 56 Prime Minister: Edgar Faure
Foreign Minister: Antoine Pinay
Minister for Associated States: M. La Forest
Minister for National Defense: General Pierre Koenig
High Commissioner, Vietnam: General Ely's post abolished after his departure, June 1955. (Gen. Jacquot assumed military responsibilities until April, 1956)
Ambassador, Vietnam: Henri Hoppenot (July, 1955)
31 Jan 56 – 16 Apr 57 Prime Minister: Guy Mollet
Foreign Minister: Christian Pineau
Minister for National Defense: Maurice Bourges-Maunouvy
High Commissioner, Vietnam: (General Jacquot — military responsibilities until April 1956)
Ambassador, Vietnam: M. Payart (November, 1956)


Mar 49 – 26 Oct 55 Head of State: Bao Dai, Emperor
12 Jan 54 – 16 Jun 54 Head of State: Bao Dai
Premier: Prince Buu Loc
Minister for Foreign Affairs: Nguyen Quoc Dinh
7 Jul 54 – 1 Nov 63 Head of State: Ngo Dinh Diem (President: 23 Oct 55)
Premier: Ngo Dinh Diem
Minister for Foreign Affairs: Tran Van Do (Jul 54 – May 55)
Vu Van Mau (Jul 55 – Nov 63)
Minister for National Defense: Ngo Dinh Diem (General Minh served temporarily, early 1955)
TOP SECRET – Sensitive