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This page needs to be proofread.

An Afterglow ���LOWELL OBSERVATORY FLAGSTAFF �The opposition last night celebrated itself by giving us unf ocusable images, they were so bad. �MARS' HILL The most beautiful Christmas decorations I have �ever seen. The wreath, a Martian one, is gorgeous �and the star-lantern-house sans pareil. �Thank you for the Christmas card that came by �itself. And as for the one you enclosed for Mr. S. �it was so lovely that it now adorns my bureau. �Conversion this is called, not theft. All brightness for the New Year. �LOWELL OBSERVATORY FLAGSTAFF �Here are our first results. The Canals, you will perceive, are much more salient than they were in 1909 as I expected. �The car arrived yesterday afternoon and on the hill this morning. Amazing swift transit smashing the records. �Regular thunderstorm on at this moment. �The Barrett Wendells came on Monday and left on Wednesday, he having seen the Canals. ���99 ��� �