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An Afterglow ���HOTEL MIRABEATJ 8 RUE DE LA PAIX, PARIS �In view of the "Titanic" disaster I cannot be sure that all my letters or other mail has reached Amer- ica. In consequence it would be well to find out if Senator Crane received an answer to his last letter to me which I despatched to you in which he notified me that the Chief Forester had said I could use dead pine and cut live oaks for fencing the section west at Flagstaff and asked if that would be satisfactory. To which I replied that it would not; that I should not cut live oak will- ingly; that what I wished to cut were young pine, under eight inches in diameter and that I probably had a legal right so to do anyway. Of course if you got my letter he got mine too. Otherwise please find out. �Many pleasant dinners and lunches the past two weeks ; a dinner at Flammarion's, one at Baillaud's, the director of the Paris Observatory; a lunch at M. Boutroux, the director of the Fondation Thiers (he was the French lecturer at Harvard a year or so ago) , a talk before the Bureau des Longitudes, observation of the eclipse with de La Baume-Pluv- inel at St. Germain, where I met among others Cowell of the British Nautical Almanac and Tur- ner on the way out, who asked me to dine with him that evening but I regretted. Of the seance of the Astronomical Society I wrote you before. ���103 ��� �