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tributaries of the Tuolumne River as it passes through the Grand Cañon of the Tuolumne River finally through Hetch-Hetchy Valley, a valley which in grandeur & uniqueness is in many respects the peer of Yosemite and will in future form one of the principle attractions of the Sierra Nevada of California.

If the territory of the Yosemite National Park should be reduced in accordance with the bill H. R. 5764, the dangers to guard against which the Park was originally set aside, would again arise, the herds of sheep which now for two seasons have successfully been kept out of the reservation would denude the watersheds of their vegetation, the forest fires following in the wake of the herds would destroy the magnificent forests and threaten the reservation itself and the timber of priceless value to the prosperity of the State would become the prey of the speculator.

The Directors of the Sierra Nevada Club respectfully point out that Senate Bill No 3235 proposed by Mr. Paddock will meet any objections in the interest of mining or farming industries, if there be any, to the continuance of the present limits of the Yosemite National Park Reservation.

John Muir
President Sierra Club
Warren Olney
First Vice-President Sierra Club

J. H. Senger
Secretary Sierra Club

San Francisco, Jan 2nd 1893