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Houses of London and of Paris.


5. There were burnt at London, Anno 1666, above 13000 houses, which being but a fifth part of the whole, the whole number of houses in the said year, were above 65000; and whereas the ordinary Burials of London have increased between the years 1666 and 1686, above one third the total of the houses at London Anno 1686, must be about 87000, which Anno 1682, appeared by accompt to have been 84000[1].

6. Monsieur Morery, the great French Author of the late Geographical Dictionaries[2], who makes Paris the greatest City in the World, |5| doth reckon but 50000 houses in the same, and other Authors and knowing Men much less; nor are there full 7000 houses in the City of Dublin, so as if the 50000 houses of Paris, and the 7000 houses in the City of Dublin were added together, the total is but 57000 Houses, whereas those of London are 87000 as aforesaid, or as 6 to 9.

7. As for the Shipping and foreign Commerce of London, the common sense of all Men doth judge it to be far greater than that of Paris and Rouen put together.

8. As to the Wealth and Gain accruing to the Inhabitants of London and Paris by Law-suits (or La chicane)[3] I onely say that the Courts |6| of London extend to all England and Wales, and affect seven Millions of People, whereas those of Paris do not extend near so far: Moreover there is no palpable conspicuous argument at Paris for the Number and Wealth of Lawyers like the Buildings and Chambers in the Two Temples, Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, Doctors Commons, and the seven other Inns in which are [4] Chimnies, which are to be seen at London, besides many Lodgings, Halls, and Offices relating to the same.

9. As to the plentifull and easie living of the People we say,

1. That the People of Paris to those of London, being as

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