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Extent of London.


So as[1] the People of Paris according
to the above account[2], is
488,055[3] 693,055[4]
Of Rouen according to Monsr. Auzout's
utmost demands
Of Rome according to his own report
thereof in a former Letter[5]|11|
So as there are more People at London than at
Paris, Rouen and Rome by
Memorandum, That the Parishes of Islington,
Newington and Hackney, for which onely there is
any colour of Non-contiguity, is not 152 part of
what is contained in the Bills of Mortality, and
consequently London, without the said 3 Parishes,
hath[7] more |12| People than Paris and Rouen put
together, by
[9]Which number of 114,284 is probably more People than
any other City of France contains. |13|
  1. 1686 omits 'So as.'
  2. 1686, 'the above-said Account.'
  3. '488,055' should be 489,555.
  4. '693,055' should be 694,555.
  5. 1686 omits 'in a former letter,' which may imply that a second letter, making the first 'former,' was received from Auzout between the publication of this essay in the Philos. Trans. and its issue in book form.
  6. '2663' should be 1163.
  7. 1686, 'without them, hath.'
  8. '114,284' should be 112,784.
  9. 1686 omits the last paragraph 'Which... contains,' and concludes with the 'several other estimates' printed on p. 537.