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Concerning the proportions of People in the 8 eminent Cities of Christendom undernamed, viz.

1.  WE have by the number of Burials in healthfull years, and by the proportion of the living to those who die yearly, as also by the number of Houses and Families within the 134 Parishes, called London, and the estimate of the Heads in each, pitch'd upon the number of People in that City to be at a Medium 695718. |33|

2. We have, by allowing that at Paris above 80 thousand Families (viz. 81280) do live in 23223 Houses, 32 Palaces, and 38 Colleges, or that there are 81,280 Kitchins within less than 24 thousand Street-dores; as also by allowing 30 Heads for every one that died necessarily there; we have pitch'd upon the number of People there at a Medium to be 488055, nor have we restrained them to 300 thousand, by allowing with Monsr. Auzout 6 Heads for each of Morery's 50 thousand Houses or Families.

  1. This essay is outlined in the "Several other Estimates" which Petty appended to the earliest publication of the First Essay (p. 522) viz.
    I.That London alone is equal to Paris, Rouen, and Rome, as aforesaid.
    II.That London, Bristol, and Dublin are equal to Paris, Amsterdam, and Venice.
    III.That London alone is to Amsterdam, Venice, and Rouen as 7 to 4.
    IV.That London and Bristol are equal to any four Cities of France.
    V.That Dublin is probably equal to the second best City, of any Kingdom or State in Christendome.
    VI.That London, for ought appears, is the greatest City of the World, but manifestly the greatest Emporium.