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Value of Ireland in 1687.

Slaughter'd at 30s. per Head will make 1800 Thousand Pounds more. In all 3600 Thousand Pounds: Of which Summ 2000 Thousand Pounds must be spent in Ireland, to maintain 300 Thousand Heardsmen and Dairy-Women[1], and 100 Thousand Pounds to maintain the Forces, Clergy and Civil Government. The rest (being 1500 Thousand Pounds) may be sent either directly into England; or into Foreign Parts, at length to be also return'd thither.

The last Point of this Chapter is to shew, how the present Value of Ireland shall, by this new Oeconomy, rise in Value from 2 to 3. To which I say, That if the Rents be under 1200 Thousand Pounds per Ann. and Lands, in the Year 1687, not worth 10 Year's Purchase,

then the Value of Lands is scarce 12 Millions.
The Value of Stock as aforesaid 6 Millions.
And of the Housing, which have two or more
Chimneys; the rest being reckon'd for nothing
2 Millions.
In all 20 Millions.

And we say that upon that Settlement and Union of People by this new-inexpensive Government and Simplicity of Trade, the Lands of Ireland will be worth 20 Year's purchase, as well as in England and Scotland: And consequently 24 Millions, and the Stock liable before to Distress and other Disturbances, Law-Suits, and Thefts, will rise at least from 6 to 7

In all to 31 Millions.

And out of 31 Millions deducting one Million for the Charge of Transplanting a Million of Heads; the Remainder will be 30 Millions, which now is but 20.

  1. Petty thus allows the herdspeople £6. 13s. 4d. expence, the English rate, cf. p. 559.