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being but 12 Millions, the Increase of its Inhabitants would but raise it's Value from 16 to 49 or from 1 to 3, and make it rise from 12 to 36 Millions, to the Gain of 24 Millions for Ireland, & ye Loss of 55 from England.

Whereas the Transplantation of a Million into England gains 100 Millions in Common to England and Ireland, and 10 Millions in special to Ireland, besides many other Benefits to both Nations, which do not fall under the Computation of Numbers. From hence may be drawn a General Rule to compute the Profits or Loss of Sending People, out of England or Ireland, to the American Colonies, and indeed from any City or Countrey to another, whose Value and People are known.


A Repetition and Enlargement of what has been here said.

1. THat the Present Number of Roman Catholicks in England may be increased from 25 Thousand to 915 Thousand, or from one to above 36, without forcing any Man's Conscience.

2. That the People of England and Ireland may gain 3½ Millions per Ann. out of the Earth and Sea, and from Foreign Nations; and that England may get from Ireland 1½ Million more: In all 5 Millions per Ann. by this Atchievment.

3. That the King's Revenue in England and Ireland may be advanced from 2070 Thousand Pounds to 2520 Thousand Pounds: And by Addition of 156 Thousand Pounds per Ann. from Scotland to 2676 Thousand Pounds in all.

4. That the Charge of the Whole Government in Time of Peace may be possibly defrayed for 1568 Thousand Pounds, Leaving an Overplus of 1108 Thousand Pounds per Ann.

5. That there being 3 Years of Peace in these Nations