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Treatise of Ireland.

Concerning Several Decays in Ireland.

Observations upon the Table A.

1. The Year 1683 was not remarkable for any extraordinary accident, and therefore we make it a fit Standard for the other Three Years; in the last whereof were extraordinary Changes upon King James the Second's coming to the Crown.

2. The gross Produce of the whole Revenue in the year 1683 was 300085l.: So as the next[1] disposable Revenue might be about 270000l.

3. In the Year 1685 (being the first Year of James the Second) the Prisage of Wines, which is the Measure of that Commodity, did rise from 1452l. to 1882l. (or from about 3 to 4) the Excise of Beer and Ale from 68344 to 79170 (or from about 6 to 7) and the Ale-Licenses from 8284 to 9994: All which are Signs of extraordinary Drinking in 1685.

4. The Difference between the Excise of Beer and Ale in the said years 1683 and 1685 was 10826l., which even according to the small Gallon is about 18 Part of the Value of the said Beer and Ale, Sold by Retail[2], shews that the extraordinary Expence of Beer and Ale in the said years was 86608l.

5. If we measure the Expence of Wine by the Prisage, then the Expence thereof A° 1685 more than in 1683 was worth 26000l., as the one Third of 80000l. which in round Number is the Yearly Expence of Wines of all Sorts in Ireland.

6. The Customs inwards A° 1683 were 40870l. and A° 1685 were 43167l. the Difference whereof is 2297l.: Which being multiplied by 4 (imported Goods being about Quadruple in Value to their Duties) gives 9188l. as the value of the extraordinary Quantity of foreign goods as they were worth before they were ship'd. Unto which must be added the Customs of them Inwards being 2297l. as aforesaid, with as much more for imported Excise, making in all 12782l. as

  1. Apparently should be 'nett'.
  2. ?Sc. 'which.'