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Yearly Bill for 1624.
Buried this Year in the Sixteen Parishes of London,
and the Pesthouse, being within the Liberties, and
without the Walls,
Whereof, of the Plague, 5
The whole Sum of all the Burials in London, and
the Liberties thereof, is this Year
Whereof, of the Plague, 6
Buried of the Plague without the Liberties, in
Middlesex and Surrey, this whole Year,
Christened in London, and the Liberties thereof,
this Year;
Buried this Year in the Nine out-Parishes, ad-
joyning to London, and out of the Freedom,
Whereof, of the Plague, 5 |4|
The Total of all the Burials in the places afore-
said is
Whereof, of the Plague, 11
Christened in all the aforesaid places this Year, 8299
Parishes clear of the Plague, 116
Parishes that have been Infected this Year, 6

4. In the Year 1625, every Parish was particularized[1], as in this following Bill: where note, That this next year of Plague caused the Augmentation, and Correction of the Bills; as the former year of Plague did the very being of them.

1624. 1625.

A general, or great Bill for this Year, of the whole number of Burials, which have been buried of all Diseases, and also of the Plague in every Parish within the City of London, and the Liberties thereof; as also in the Nine out Parishes adjoyning to the said City; with the Pest-house belonging to the same: from Thursday the 16. day of December, 1624, to Thursday the 15. day of December, 1625. according to the Report |5| made to the King's most Excellent Majesty by the Company of Parish Clerks of London.
  1. In the weekly bills, at least, every parish was particularized as early as 1532. See Introduction.