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[1.]A | declaration | Concerning the newly invented | Art of | double writing | Wherein are expressed the reasons of the | Authors proceedings in procuring a Priviledge for | the same: As also of the Time, Manner, and | Price, of the discovery of the said | Art, and of the Instruments | belonging thereunto. | For the satisfaction of all that desire to | be partakers of the great benefit of the same, | before they adventure anything towards | the reward thereof. | Whereunto is annexed a copie of an Ordi-|nance of both Houses of Parliament, approving the | feasibility and great use of the said invention, and allow-|ing a Priviledge to the Inventor, for the sole benefit there-|of for 14 years, upon the penalty of one hundred pounds. | [Ornament.]

London, | Printed by R. L. for R. W. at the Star under Saint Peters Church in Cornhill, 1648.

Title, 1 l. pp. 1—10, 4º.


[2.][Begin.] THere is invented an Instrument of small bulk and price...[end] Saint Peters Church in Cornhill.

Broadside, folio, no date. It mentions the Declaration as already printed and requests contributors to pay their money to the inventor at——. In the British Museum copy the blank is filled in with a pen, "his lodging next doore to the White Boare in Lothbury."


[3 a.]The | advice | of | W. P. | to | Mr. Samuel Hartlib. | For | The Advancement of some particu-|lar Parts of Learning. | [Ornament.]

London, Printed Anno Dom. 1648.

Title, 1 l., advertisement, 1 l., epistle dedicatory 1 l., pp. 1—26, 4º.——The epistle is dated: London the 8 January. 1647/8.

  1. A trial Bibliography of Sir William Petty, containing brief entries of nearly all the titles here printed, was contributed by me to Notes and Queries of 31 August and 14 September, 1895, 8th series, viii. 163—165, 202—203.