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Sir William Petty.


[26 a.]Several | essays | in | Political | Arithmetick: | The Titles of which follow in the | Ensuing Pages. | By | Sir William Petty, | Late Fellow of the Royal Society.

London: | Printed for Robert Clavel at the Peacock, | and Henry Mortlock at the Phœnix in St. Paul's | Church-Yard. 1699.

1 l., recto blank, verso license to print the Political Arithmetick, dated 7 November, 1690, title, 1 l., contents, 1 l., pp. 1—276, 8°.——Contains an Essay concerning the Multiplication of Mankind, Further Observations upon the Dublin Bills of Mortality, Two Essays in Political Arithmetick, Observations upon the Cities of London and Rome, Five Essays in Political Arithmetick, and the Political Arithmetick of 1690. Each of these has a separate title page. The first two are dated 1698, the others, 1699. The Five Essays are printed in French and in English on opposite pages.

[26 b.]Essays | in | Political Arithmetick; | or, a | discourse | Concerning | The Extent and Value of Lands, People, Buildings; | Husbandry, Manufacture, Com-|merce, Fishery, Artizans, Seamen, Soldiers; | Publick Revenues, Interest, Taxes, Super-|lucration, Registries, Banks; Valuation of | Men, Increasing of Seamen, of Militia's, | Harbours, Situation, Shipping, Power at | Sea, &c. As the same relates to every | Country in general, but more particularly | to the Territories of Her Majesty of Great | Britain, and her Neighbours of Holland, | Zealand, and France. | By Sir William Petty, | Late Fellow of the Royal Society.

London, | Printed for Henry and George Mortlock, at the Phœnix | in St Paul's Church Yard. 1711.

Title, 1 l., pp. 1—276, 8°. —— The sheets of the 1699 edition reissued with a new title-page.

[26 c.]Another edition. Edinburgh, 1751.——This I have not seen.

[26 d.]Several | essays | in | Political Arithmetick. | By | Sir William Petty, Knt. | and | Fellow of the Royal Society. | The fourth edition, Corrected. | To which are prefix'd, | memoirs | of the | author's life.

London: | Printed for D. Browne, without Temple-Bar; J. Shuck-|burgh, at the Sun, and J. Whiston and B. White, | at Boyle's Head in Fleet-Street. | M.DCC.LV [1755].

Pp. i—iv. i—vi. 1—184, advertisements, 1 l., 8°. —— Contents the same as the 1699 edition save for the omission of the French version of the Five Essays and the insertion of the "memoirs of the author's life."