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Sir William Petty.


manuscripts in the libraries of Trinity College, Dublin, the King's Inns, Dublin, | and the Marquis of Lansdowne, | by | Thomas Aiskew Larcom, | F.R.S., M.R.I.A., Etc., | Major, Royal Engineers. | [Woodcut.]

Dublin: | for the Irish Archaeological Society. | MDCCCLI [1851].

Title, 1 l., list of officers, 1 l., pp. i—xxiii. 1—426, 4°.

[32.]Observations upon the trade in Irish cattle.

Without place or date. Broadsheet—Description taken from no. 5597 of a Catalogue of the most extensive, valuable and truly interesting collection of curious books now on sale in this or any other country. Offered by Thomas Thorpe, 178, Piccadilly, London [1842], 8°. Cf. note on p. 161.

[33.]A Geographicall Description of ye Kingdom of Ireland. | Collected from ye actual Survey made by Sr. William Petty | Corrected & amended, by the advice, & assistance, of severall Able | Artists, late Inhabitants of that Kingdom. | Containing one General Mapp, of ye whole Kingdom, with | four Provincial Mapps, & 32. County Mapps, divided into | Baronies, where in are discribed ye Cheife Cities, Townes, Rivers, | Harbours and Head-lands, &ca. | To which is added a Mapp of Great Brittaine and Ireland, | together with an Index of the whole. | Being very usefull for all Gentlemen, and | Military Officers, as well for Sea, as for Land Service.

Engraven & Published for ye benefit of ye Publique, by Fra: Lamb. | and are to be Sold at his House in Newgate streete, next door but one | to ye White Swan, toward ye Gate. By Rob: Morden at ye Atlas in Cornhill. | Will: Berry at the Globe at Charing Cross And by | John Sellar Ju: at ye West end of St Pauls London. [No date.]

Engraved title with engraved border on double page, index 1 l., 38 double-page maps, about 6x4½ inches. Also issued on large paper with coloured maps and the imprint: By John Seller | Sold at His Shop at the Hermitage in | Wapping.

[34.]Hiberniae | Delineatio quoàd hactenus | licuit, Perfectissima | Studio Guilielmi Petty Eqtis: Aurati. | Continens tabulas sequentes vulgò dictas | A Generall Map of Ireland 1 | The Province of Leinster 2 | The Province of Munster 3 | The Province of Ulster 4 | The Province of Connaught 5 || In Leinster | Louth and Dublin 6 | East Meath 7 | West Meath 8 | Longford 9 | Kings County 10 | Queen's County 11 | Catherlogh 12 | Kildare 13 | Kilkenny 14 |