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Graunt's Observations.
Whereof, Buried of the Plague, this present year, is 35417
Christnings this present year, is 6983
Parishes clear this year, is 1
Parishes infected this year, is 121 |11|

5. In the Year 1626, the City of Westminster, in imitation of London, was inserted. The gross Accompt of the Burials and Christenings, with distinction of the Plague being only taken notice of therein; the fifth, or last Canton, or Linedspace, of the said Bill, being varied into the form following, viz.

In Westminster this Year Buried 471
Plague 13
Christnings 361

6. In the Year 1629, an Accompt of the Diseases and Casualties, whereof any dyed, together with the distinction of Males and Females, making the sixth Canton of the Bill, was added in manner following.[1]

The Canton of Casualties; and of the Bill for the Year 1632, being of the same form with that of 1629. |12|

The Diseases and Casualties this Year, being 1632.

ABortive and Stilborn 415
Affrighted 1
Aged 628
Ague 43
Apoplex and Meagrim 17
Bit with a mad Dog 1
Bleeding 3
  1. The diseases and casualties were reported to the Parish Clerks as early as 1604. Bell, London's Remembrancer, unpaged, Graunt, p. 346. Upon the back of the weekly bill for 5—12 November, 1607, the deaths due to each of twenty-one causes are enumerated in MS., and in the bill for 10—17 August, 1609, similar information is given, likewise in MS., for the parishes severally, e.g.:
    "Katharines Creechurch. pla. 1 crisom 1 small pox 2 fever 1 5 1." The last two figures occupy the columns uniformly reserved for total burials and for burials of the plague respectively.