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List of Books and Manuscripts used.

London's Lord have mercy upon us. [Broadsheet; London, printed by T. Mabb for R. Burton and R. Gilberson, 1665. (Brit. Mus. 816 m. 9. (25).). 426—428.

London. [Various bills of mortality of London.] 426.

[Lowndes, William.] Report containing an essay for the amendment of the silver coins. London, 1695. (Also in [McCulloch's] Select Tracts on Money, 1856.) 51, 439.

Ludlow, Edmund. Memoirs, 1625—1672. Edited by C. H. Firth. Oxford, 1894. 2 vols. xix.

Luttrell, Narcissus. A brief historical relation of state affairs. Oxford, 1857. 6 vols. Ixvi.

Macaulay, T. B. History of England. Philadelphia, 1868. 5 vols. xxvi, xxxi.

McCulloch, J. R. The literature of political economy. London, 1845. xxxix, xli, 639.

Machyn, Henry. Diary, edited by J G. Nichols. London (Camden Society), 1848. lxxxi.

Macray, W. D. Annals of the Bodleian Library. 2nd ed. Oxford, 1890. lvii.

Mahan, A. T. The influence of sea power upon history, 1660—1783. Boston, 1890. 243.

Maitland, F. W. Domesday Book and beyond. Cambridge, 1897. 463.

Maitland, W. History of London. New ed. London, 1775. 2 vols. xli, lxxxiv, lxxxvii, xc, xci, 335, 405.

Mallet, Édouard. Recherches historiques et statistiques sur la population de Genève. (In Annales d'hygiène publique et de médécine légale xvii., 30, Paris, January, 1837.) 386.

Malthus, T. R. Principles of political economy. London, 1820. 274.

Massie, James. Observations relating to the coin of Great Britain. London, 1760. 438.

Masson, D. Life of Milton. Cambridge, 1859—94. 7 vols. xxi.

Mazure, F.A.J. Histoire de la Révolution de 1688. Paris, 1825. 578.

Meitzen, A. Geschichte, Theorie und Technik der Statistik. Berlin, 1886. Ixxvi, 450.

Mercator; or, commerce retrieved. London, 1713—14. 252.

Molyneaux, Sir Thomas. [Correspondence of.] (In Dublin University Magazine, vol. xviii., pp. 305—327, 470—490, 604—619. Dublin, 1841.) xxx.

Moore, Thomas. Memoirs, Journal and correspondence. London, 1853—56. 8 vols. vii.

More, Sir Thomas. Utopia, ed. by J. H. Lupton. Oxford, 1895. 475.

Moreri, Louis. Le grande dictionnaire historique. 2e éd. À Lyon, 1681. 507.

Morgan, J. Phœnix britannicus. London, 1732. xv, 383.