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Yearly Bill for 1636.


Islington Christned 36
Buried 113
Plague 0
Lambeth Christned 132
Buried 220
Plague 0
Stepney Christned 892
Buried 1486
Plague 0
Newington Christned 99
Buried 181
Plague 0
Hackney Christned 30
Buried 91
Plague 0
Redriff Christned 16
Buried 48
Plague 0
The Total of all the Burials in the seven last Parishes this Year
Whereof of the Plague, 0
The Total of all the Christnings, 1645 |16 |

8. Covent-Garden being made a Parish[1], the Nine out (16) Parishes were called the Ten out Parishes, the which in former years were but Eight.

9. In the Year 1660, the last-mentioned ten Parishes, with Westminster, Islington, Lambeth, Stepney, Newington, Hackney, and Redriff, are entred under two Divisions, viz. the one containing the Twelve Parishes lying in Middlesex and Surrey, and the other the Five Parishes within the City and Liberties of Westminster, viz. St. Clement Danes,

  1. The Act erecting the parish of St Paul, Covent Garden, passed the House of Commons 7 January, 1645. Commons' Journal, iv. 398.