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Natural and Political


Mentioned in a following INDEX,

and made upon the

Bills of Mortality.





Fellow of the Royal Society.



With reference to the Government, Religion,
Trade, Growth, Diseases, and the several
Changes of the said CITY[1].

———Non, me ut miretur Turba, laboro,
Contentus paucis Lectoribus.


The Fifth Edition, much Enlarged[2].



Printed by John Martyn, Printer to the Royal Society,
at the Sign of the Bell in St. Paul's Church-yard.

  1. The title of the first edition (1662) ran, "Natural and Political Observations... By John Graunt, Citizen of London." etc. On the title-page of the third edition (1665) "Citizen of London" was superseded by "Fellow of the Royal Society" but the reference to "the said City" was retained.
  2. This phrase is retained from the title-page of the third edition. In the fifth edition nothing is new save the "further observations" and the Paris bills, pp . 141-146.