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compare their Observations therewith, either to verifie these Prœdictions, or to shew wherein they differ; which is (as was also hinted above) the design of this Philisophical Prophet in dispersing his Conceptions, who declareth himself ready, in case he be mistaken in his reckoning, to learn another Hypothesis, to explicate these admirable appearances by.

An Experimental History of Cold.

There is in the Press, a New Treatise, entituled, New Observations and Experiments in order to an Experimental History of Cold, begun by that Noble Philosopher, Mr. Robert Boyle, and in great part already Printed; He did lately very obligingly present several Copies of so much as was Printed, to the Royal Society, with a desire that some of the Members thereof might be engaged to peruse the Book, and select out of it for trial, the hints of such Experiments, as the Author there wisheth might be either yet made or prosecuted. The Heads thereof are,

  1. Experiments touching Bodies capable of Freezing others.
  2. Experiments and Observations touching Bodies Disposed to be Frozen.
  3. Experiments touching Bodies, Indisposed to be Frozen.
  4. Experiments and Observations touching the Degrees of Cold in several Bodies.
  5. Experiments touching the Tendency of Cold Upwards or Downwards.
  6. Experiments and Observation touching the Preservation and Destruction of (Eggs, Apples, and other) Bodies by Cold.
  7. Experiments touching the Expansion of Water and Aqueous Liquors by Freezing.
  8. Experiments touching the Contraction of Liquours by Cold.
  9. Experiments in Consort, touching the Bubbles, from which the Levity of Ice is supposed to proceed.
  10. Experiments about the Measure of the Expansion and the Contraction of Liquors by Cold.
  11. Experiments touching the Expansive Force of Freezing Water.
  12. Experiments touching a New way of estimating the Expan-