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Num. 7



Munday, Decemb. 7. 1665.

The Contents.

Monsieur de Sons progress in working Parabolar Glasses.Some speculations of Monsieur Auzout concerning the changes, likely to be discovered in the Moon.The instance of the same Person to Mr. Hook, for communicating his contrivance of making with Glasses of a few feet Diameter; Telescopes drawing several hundred feet; together with his Offer of recompensing that secret with another, which teaches, How to Measure with a Telescope the Distances of Objects upon the Earth.The experiment of Kircher, of preparing a Liquor, that shall sink into, and colour the whole Body of Marble, delivered at length.An Intimation of a Way found in Europe, to make good China-Dishes.An Account of an odd Spring in Westphalia, together with an Information touching Salt-Springs; and a way of straining Salt-water.Of the Rise and Attempts of a way to conveigh Liquors immediately into a Mass of Blood.

Of Monsieur de Sons Progress in working Parabolar Glasses.

SInce what was mentioned in the immediately precedent Tract, touching Monsieur de Son's noble attempt of grinding Glasses of a Parabolical Fgure, the Publisher of these Papers hath himself seen two Eye-glasses of that shape, about one inch & a half deep and one inch and a quarter broad, wrought by this Eminent Artist with a rare Steel-instrument of his own contrivance and workmanship, and by himself also polished to admiration. And certainly it will be wondred at by those,