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Num. 12.



Munday, May 7. 1666.

The Contents.

A way of Preserving Birds taken out of the Egge, and other small Fetus's; communicated by Mr. Boyle.An extract of a Letter, lately sent to Sr. Robert Moray out of Virginia, concerning an unusuall way of Propagating Mulberry-trees there, for the better improvement of the Silk-Work; together with some other particulars, tending to the good of that Royall Plantation.A Method by which a Glass of a small Plano-Convex sphere may be made to refract the Rayes of Light to a Focus of a far greater distance, than is usuall.Observations about Shining Worms in Oysters.Observations of the Effects of Touch and Friction.Some particulars, communicated from forrain Parts, concerning the Permanent Spott in Jupiter; and a contest between two Artists about Optick-Glasses, &c.An Account of a Book written by Dr. Thomas Sydenham, entituled, Methodus Curandi Febres, propriis Observationibus superstructura.

A way of Preserving Birds taken out of the Egge, and other Fætus's; communicated by Mr. Boyle.

THis was imparted in a Letter, as follows;

The time of the year invites me to intimate to you, that among the other Uses of the Experiment, I long since presented the Society, of preserving Whelps taken out of the Dams womb, and other Fætus's, or parts of them, in Spirit of Wine; I re-

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