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The particulars, which he undertakes to reform, are,

Punctum. Radix & Latus.
Linea. Prop.16. El. 3.
Terminus. Dimensio Circuli.
Linea Recta. Magnitudo Circuli Hugeniana,
Superficies. Sectio Anguli.
Superficiei Termini. Ratio, quam habet recta composita ex Radio & Tangente 30. grad, ad Radium ipsum.
Angulus (Where he is large upon the Angulus Contactus.)
Petitio prima Elem. I. Euclidis. Propos. 47 &. Elem. 1. Demonstratio.
Ratio. Addita est Appendix de Mediis proprotionalibus in genere.

KING SALOMONS POURTRAITURE OF OLD AGE; by John Smith, M.D. This Treatise being a Philosophical Discourse, though upon a Sacred Theme, may certainly claim a place among Philosophical Transactions. Not here to mention the many other learned Notes, this Worthy Author gives upon that Hieroglyphical Description of Old Age, made by that Royal Pen-man of Ecclesiastes, cap. 12. We shall onely take notice of that surprisingly ingenious one, there to be met with, concerning the Antiquity of the Doctrine of the Blood's Circulation; King Salomon lived neer 2700 years agoe, using such expressions, as may, to a considering Reader, very probably denote the same Doctrine, which the Sagacious Dr. Harvey has of late years so happily brought to light, and introduced into all the most Ingenuous Societies of Learned men: The Pitcher, mention'd in the quoted place, being Interpreted for the Veines, and the Fountain, for the Right Ventricle of the Heart, as the Cistern, for the Left; the Wheele, there spoken off, manifestly importing a Circulation, made by the Great Artery with its Branches, the principal Instrument thereof.

Printed with Licence for John Martyn, and James Allestry, Printers to the Royal Society. 1666.