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Epiſtle Dedicatory.

which require both Time and Aſſiſtance, for their due Maturity. So that no man can from theſe Glimpſes of Light take any juſt Meaſure of Your Performances, or of Your Proſecutions; but every man may perhaps receive ſome benefit from theſe Parcels, which I gueſſed to be ſomewhat conformable to Your Deſign.

This is my Solicitude, That, as I ought not to be unfaithful to thoſe Counſels you have committed to my Truſt, ſo alſo that I may not altogether waſte any minutes of the leaſure you afford me. And thus have I made the beſt uſe of ſome of them, that I could deviſe; To ſpread abroad Encouragements, Inquiries, Directions, and Patterns, that may animate, and draw on Univerſal Aſsiſtances.

The Great God proſper You in the Noble Engagement of Diſperſing the true Lusſtre of his Glorious Works, and the Happy Inventions of obliging Men all over the World, to the General Benefit of Mankind: So wiſhes with real Affections,

Your humble and obedient Servant