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Num. 17.



Munday, Septemb. 9. 1666.

The Contents.

Observations made in several places (at London, Madrid and Paris,) of the late Eclipse of the Sun, which hapned June 22. 1666.Some Enquiries and Directions, concerning Tides, proposed by Dr. Wallis.Considerations and Enquiries touching the same Argument, suggested by Sir Robert Moray.An Account of several Books lately publish't: Vid.1. Johannis Hevelii Descriptio Cometæ, A. 1665. exorti; una cum Mantissa Prodromi Cometici.2. Isaacus Vossius de Nili & aliorum Fluminum Origine.3. Le Discernement du Corps & de l'Ame, par Monsieur de Cordemoy.

Observations made in several places, Of the late Eclipse of the Sun, which hapned on the 22 of June, 1666.

THe Observations that were made at London by Mr. Willughby, Dr. Pope, Mr. Hook, and Mr. Philips, are these:

   The Eclipse began at 5h. 43′ h
It was
diam. at 6. 00     5 dig. at 7. 06
4 dig. at 6. 07 4 dig. at 7. 13
5 dig. at 6. 13 3 dig. at 7. 20
6 dig. at 6. 21 2 dig. at 7. 26
7 dig. at 6. 39½ 1 dig. at 7. 32
6 dig. at 6. 57 0 dig. at 7. 37

Its Duration hence appears to have been one hour and 54 m. Its greatest Obscurity somewhat more than 7. digits. About the middle, between the Perpendicular and Westward Horizontal Radius of the Sun, viewing it through Mr Boyle's 60. foot Telescope, there was perceived a little of the Limb of the Moon without the Diske of the Sun: which seemed to some of the Observers to come from some shining Atmosphere about the Body either of the Sun or Moon.

They affirm to have observ'd the Figure of this Eclipse, and measured the