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Numb. 19.



Munday, November 19. 1666.

The Contents.

An Addition to the Instances of Petrification, formerly enumerated.Articles of Inquiries concerning Mines; as, to the neighbouring Country about them; the Soyl where they are; the Signes of them; the structure and other particulars belonging to the Mines themselves; the Nature and Circumstances of Ore; and the reduction of Ore into Metal.Promiscuous Inquiries formerly recommended to Monsieur Hevelius, particularly about Cold; together with his own, and his Correspondents Answer to some of them.The success of Experiments of Transfusing the Blood of one Animal into another.

An Addition to the Instances of Petrification, enumerated in the last of these Papers.

This Instance was some while since communicated to the Royal Society by that Ingenious Gentleman Mr. Philip Packer, a worthy Member of that Body, in these words;

ON a Bank in a Close of Mr. Purefoy, neer his house, call'd Wadley, a mile from Farrington in Berks, there grows an Elme, which hath now lost the top, and is grown hollow, containing neer a Tun of Timber. From the But of the same Tree, one of the spreading Clawes having been formerly cut off with an Axe; that part of the But, from whence the same was sever'd,

being about 11/2 foot above ground, and inward within the trunk

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