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Numb. 3



Munday, May 8. 1665.

The Contents.

Some Observations and Experiments upon May-Dew.The Motion of the Second Comet predicted, by the same person, who predicted that of the former.A Relation of the Advice, given by a French Gentleman, touching the Conjunction of the Ocean and the Mediterranean.Of the way of killing Ratle-snakes, used in Virginia.A Relation of Persons kill'd with Subterraneous Damps.Of the Mineral of Liege, yielding both Brimstone, and Vitriol, and the way of extracting them out of it, used at Liege.An Account of Mr. Boyle's Experimental History of Cold.

Some Observations and Experiments upon May-Dew.

THAT ingenious and inquisitive Gentleman, Master Thomas Henshaw, having had occasion to make use of a great quantity of May-dew, did, by several casual Essayes on that Subject, make the following Observations and Tryals, and present them to the Royal Society.