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It should be inquired, at what distance they are from the Seas, or from Salt-fluxes, from Hills, and how deep in the Vales? What the weight? Whether in droughts or long Frosts the proportion of Salt or weight increaseth? Whether the Earth near the Springs, or in their passage hath any peculiar ferment, or produceth a blackishness, if it rests, after it is well drained.

Inquiries for Turky.

Though many Relations and Descriptions of Turky by be extant in Print, yet they leave in many a desire of fuller information in the following particulars, lately drawn up, for the most part by Mr. H. and recommended to an Ingenious Gentleman, bound for that Country; and desired also to be taken notice off by others, that may have occasion to visit the same.

Rusma is a kind of Earth, used in Turky to take away hair. 1. In what part of Turky the * Rusma is to be found; and in what quantity? Whether the Turks employ it to any other Uses, besides that of taking away of Hair? Whether there be differing kinds of it? How it is used to take off hair, and how to get store of it.

2. Whether the Turks do not only take Opium themselves for strength and courage, but also give it to their Horses, Camels and Dromedaries, for the same purpose, when they find them tired and faint in their travelling? What is the greatest Dose, any men are known to have taken of Opium? and how prepared?

3. What effects are observed from their use, not only of Opium (already mention'd) but also of Coffee, Bathing, shaving their Heads, using Rice; and why they prefer that which grows not unless water'd, before Wheat, &c?

4, How their Damasco-steel is made and temper'd?

5. What is their way of dressing and making Leather, which though thin and supple, will hold out water?

6. What method they observe in breeding those excellent Horses, they are so much famed for?

7. Whether they be so skilful in Poisoning, as is said; and how their Poysons are curable?