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An Index for the Philosophical Transactions.

Hortulan notes of Oranges and Lemons so grafted, that the same individual fruit are part Orange, part Lemon: And how to keep those Trees in Winter safe without fires, n. 29. p. 553. To make Cherry-trees that bear wither'd fruit to mend their fruit, n. 25. p. 453. To inquire whether Pears grafted upon Spina cervina (the almost onely Purgative Vegetable growing in England) will be effectualy purgative, n. 23. p. 424.

Hottest in Jamaica at 8. in the morning, and yet the Thermometers much higher at 2. afternoon, n. 27. p. 507. Hot water inclosed breaks the Cask, n. 27 p. 499.

Humane or Animal Bodies, are Engins, consisting of many lesser Engins subordinate. So Steno, n. 32. p. 627.


Jewels, their excellency or choice, and price. See Chapuzeau in Books.

Indigo. See Chapuz.

Ingenious Arts in China. See Kircher in Books.

Inquiries for Suratte, and other parts of the East-Indies; as also for Persia, the West-Indies, Virginia, Bermudas, Guaiana, Brasil, n. 23. p. 415. For Greenland, n. 29. p. 554. For Hungary, Transilvania, Egypt, Guiny, n. 25. p. 467, &c. Inquiries and Trials to be made in Sea-voyages, n. 24.

Insects, and their gradual transmutations, and curious operations promised. See Swammerdam in Books.

Inventions, Arts and Sciences, their rise, progress, transmigrations, interruptions, declinations and restaurations; the occasions, chief Authors, and Writings in all Ages undertaken to be calculated. See Lambecius in Books.

Iron rusts speedily by saline steams of the Seas, or of the Air; not so soon by lying under water, n. 27. p.494.

Isles, 99 in China turn'd into one, n. 26. p. 485.

The Julian Period; the number of the Cycles of the Sun and Moon, and the Indictions, for any year assigned, being given, to find the number of the Julian period for the same year, by a clear method and demonstration, n. 30. p. 568.


Lakes turning Copper into Iron, and causing storms, when any thing is cast into them. See Kircher in Books.

Light; See Air.

Longing or Pica; the cause inquired in a Woman longing for the wind of Bellows: In another, longing for crackling of Cinders under her feet. n. 29. p. 550.

A Loadstone in R. Soc. of 60 pounds weight, found in Devonshire. moving a Needle at about 9 foot distance, n. 23. p. 423. Loadstones draw red hot Iron strongly: red-hot Load-stones draw cold Iron but fainty: the red-hot Load-stone being cooled, recovers his former strength, n. 27. p. 502.


Magnetical Inquiries, n. 23. p. 423. partly answer'd, n. 26. p. 478. Magnetical variations examined, n. 28. p. 527 . Of Magnetismes. See Borelli in Books.

Mathematicks and Mechanics the foundation to solid Philosophy. See Cornelii in Books. Necessary to explicate Anatomy, especially that of the Muscles. See Steno in Books. Mathematical Principles reformed; See Dulaurens and Nouveaux Elemens in Books.

Mercury found at the roots of some Plants, growing upon a mountain, n. 27. p. 493.

Minerals in China. See Kircher in Books.

Mines of Mendip: See Answers.

Monstrous Births in Paris, and in Devonshire, n. 26. p. 479, &c.

Mountains in China very odd for shape, burning, and raising tempests, n. 26. p. 485.

Mountains causing Winds. See Winds.

Musk-dear in China. n. 26. p. 485.

Monckinel Apples in Jamaica falling into the Sea, and lying there a while, will contract a Lanugo of Salt peter, n. 27. p. 499.


Niter. See Monckinel Apples.

Nerves; Optick Nerves examin'd by Malphighi, n. 27 . p. 491.


Optick-nerves. See Nerves. Opticks, Catoptricks, Dioptricks, Microscopes, and other Curiosities appendant, deliver'd by Hon. Fabri. See Books.


Pearls: their choice and price. See Chapuzeau in Books.