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Herseemed she scarce had been a day

 One of God's choristers;

The wonder was not yet quite gone

 From that still look of hers;

Albeit, to them she left, her day

 Had counted as ten years.

(To one, it is ten years of years.

 . . . Yet, now, and in this place,

Surely she leaned o'er me—her hair

 Fell all about my face. . . .

Nothing: the autumn-fall of leaves.

 The whole year sets apace.)

It was the rampart of God's house

 That she was standing on;

By God built over the sheer depth

 The which is Space begun;

So high, that looking downward thence

 She scarce could see the sun.

It lies in Heaven, across the flood

 Of ether, as a bridge.

Beneath, the tides of day and night

 With flame and darkness ridge

The void, as low as where this earth

 Spins like a fretful midge.

Around her, lovers, newly met

 'Mid deathless love's acclaims,

Spoke evermore among themselves

 Their heart-remembered names;

And the souls mounting up to God

 Went by her like thin flames.