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"O Hector, gone, gone, gone! O Hector, thee

Two chariots wait, in Troy long bless'd and curs'd;

And Grecian spear and Phrygian sand athirst

Crave from thy veins the blood of victory.

Lo! long upon our hearth the brand had we,

Lit for the roof-tree's ruin: and to-day

The ground-stone quits the wall,—the wind hath way.—

And higher and higher the wings of fire are free.

O Paris, Paris! O thou burning brand,

Thou beacon of the sea whence Venus rose,

Lighting thy race to shipwreck! Even that hand

Wherewith she took thine apple let her close

Within thy curls at last, and while Troy glows

Lift thee her trophy to the sea and land."