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his palace on to the scene, and is greeted with great acclamation, several bands playing the Nepalese National Anthem. A perfunctory inspection follows, and then a feu-de-joie, very creditably performed, ripples up and down the ranks. The bands situated in various positions again break into music, being followed by volleys, more music, and then fifteen rounds of "independent," in which the artillery joins. The air is impregnated with much noise, smoke, and music, and a wholesome martial ardour thrills all concerned.

While this is taking place, in the city, which forms an appropriate background to the review, a unique pageant is being performed. Through the winding streets of wooden houses a procession wends its way to do honour to the goddess Kali, and it is only natural that, while the men are engaged outside the city wall in military exercises, this portion of the festival should be the concern of the women of Nepal. And a most interesting sight is presented to the crowds of onlookers who line the streets and houses of the capital to view this little known feature of the Durga