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Return to Dinner Island—Rendezvous with H.M.S. Diamond and Raven—Excursion to Heath Island—Departure for Normanby Island—Diaveri—An exciting Chase—Fruitless Negociations—Capture of an alleged Murderer—A Mistake and its Rectification—The real Simon Pure—His Adventures in Sydney—Return of the Author in H.M.S. Dart.

ON our return to Dinner Island, where we dropped anchor on the morning of the 10th October, we found H.M.S. “Diamond” awaiting us, and the “Raven” arrived a couple of hours later bringing a small mail from Australia, which afforded me the first news I had received since leaving Sydney. Visits were exchanged between Captain Clayton, Commander of the “Diamond,” and H.M. High Commissioner, a salute of honour being fired to the terror and astonishment of the natives on shore and the consternation of our poor cat.

The next day being Sunday I determined to make an excursion to some of the adjacent islands, our second officer, Mr. Rossiter, and Mr. Smart, the third engineer, offered to accompany me with Captain Lake’s permission, and two sailors volunteered to take an oar each. Thus our crew, including self and assistant, was composed of six men all well armed and quite prepared for any adventure that might befall us. We set out at daybreak taking a keg of water, some biscuits, and other provisions ample for the day. My photographic instruments were of course not omitted, but it turned out too windy to use them to advantage.