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CHAPTER VII.An Expedition Inland.
Walk from Hula to Kalo—Cocoanut Groves—Native Diseases—Mortality—History of the Reprisals for Murdering—Price of a Wife—Matrimonial Customs—The Author leaves Kalo—Crossing a River—Arriving at Hood Lagoon—Rejoin the Ship
CHAPTER VIII.Native Villages.
Scenery at the Hood Lagoon—Kerepumu, Hula—Fracas between the Ship's Company and Natives—Beneficial Results—Start for Aroma—A Native Chief as Passenger—Parimata—Moapa—The Aroma District—Departure for Stacey Island—The Scenery Described
CHAPTER IX.South Cape.
Bertha Lagoon—Garihi—Ascent of the Peak—East Shores of the Lagoon—Under Way—The Brumer Group—Rendezvous at Dinner Island—Murder of Captain Miller—Investigations at Teste Island
CHAPTER X.Searches for Murderers.
Return to Dinner Island—Rendezvous with H.M.S. "Diamond" and "Raven"—Excursion to Heath Island—Departure for Normanby Island—Diaveri—An Exciting Chase—Fruitless Negotiations—Capture of an Alleged Murderer—A Mistake and its Rectification—The Real Simon Pure—His Adventures in Sydney—Return of the Author in H.M.S. "Dart"
CHAPTER XI.Mr. Chalmers' Narrative.
Visit to Killerton Islands—The Juliade Islands—Reprisals for the Murder of Captain and Mrs. Webb—Colombier Point—Unsuccessful Attempt to Communicate with Natives—Hoisting the Union Jack at Moapa—Inland Excursion to Koiari Villages—Ascent of Mount Variata—Meet Mr. Forbes—Sogeri—Mr. Forbes' Station—Return to Port Moresby and Hula—Bentley Bay—Ascent of Mount Killerton—Illness of Sir Peter Scratchley—Character of the Coast—The Jabbering Islands—From Collingwood Bay to Cape Nelson—Mountains and Harbours—Departure of the "Governor Blackall" for Australia—Illness of Sir Peter Scratchley—His Death—His Funeral