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Mrs. Mervin. I guess not. I am afraid you haven't had experience enough to do my work properly.

Norah. Well, ma'am, if that's any thing I could buy at the store, I would be willing to spend a thrifle to get some, for the sake of livin' wid ye.

Mrs. Mervin. Experience in housework cannot be bought at the stores ; so you had better look somewhere else for a place. [Exit Norah.

Emma. Well, mother, did you ever hear of such stupidity before?

Mrs. Mervin. She's the greenest specimen I've seen yet. I wonder who will come next? (Bell rings.)

Emma. We shall soon see.

Enter Ellen Flynn.

Ellen. A fine day, ma'am. Is it yerself that wants a girl?

Mrs. Mervin. Yes, if I can find a good one; but I am sorry to say they seem to be growing very scarce. Ellen. You are mistaken there, ma'am; it's good places that's gittin' scarce. How big a family do ye have?

Mrs. Mervin. There are seven of us, and we of course have company occasionally.

Ellen. That's too many intirely; but I s'pose with all thim ye keep two girls and a man besides.

Mrs. Mervin. No, we keep but one servant.

Ellen. Servint is it! Well, ma'am, that's what I niver allows meself to be called. What sort of convainyences is there in the house ? Is there a rocking-chair in the kitchen, where I can rest meself while the pot's a-bilin'?

Mrs. Mervin. No, I don't consider that a necessary article of kitchen furniture.

Ellen. We differs there, ma'am; I can't do without a rocking-chair. I see you have a pianny. I s'pose ye wouldn't mind if I learned to play on it afther me work is done—would ye?

Mrs. Mervin. I should object very strongly to giving a girl such a privilege.

Ellen. Well, ma'am, it's gittin' quite the fashion for the ladies that live out to play. Me cousin Kate Donnelly plays "St. Pathrick's Day in the Mornin'," and "Rory O'More," illigant; and I've made up me mind I'll live in no place agin where I can't have the chance to play the pianny.